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Pesquisa UWO

Mensagem  Caminha em 5/4/2011, 10:49

tem uma pesquisa interessante no forum oficial, se quiserem participar. recomendo pra todos os que tão de saco cheio de alguma coisa no jogo Very Happy

CLICAÊ: Pesquisa UWO

ok, pra quem quiser ver minhas respostas, lá vai:

1. Which part of the UWO contents do you enjoy the most?
eg) Sailing around the world and trading to make in-game money.

collecting ingredients to make food and other items.

2. What is the most difficult part while playing the game?
eg) After graduating schools, I am lost and don't know what to do next.

getting fame as a new player to get to places like india or asia. once the new player gets there, its easier, but until they can get there, there are few ways of getting fame. most just get tired of trying and leave the game.

3. What is your general thought on grinding that is required in-game?

Current setting is okay

4. Where do you get most of the game information from?

japanese, google translated wiki. japanese web sites. olous.

5. During the past 1 month, have you experienced serious technical issues?


6. Have you experienced lag issues in the past 1 month while playing the game?

minor lag

7. What is your thought on multis?

allow players to use more inventory space somehow. allow the use of mules (characters used just to store items) and allow a way to exchange items between the main character and the mules, without the need for 2 computers. allow players to get any ammount of maps at the archives, and any ammount of map items (eg, Gold Armor, Silver Armor, ...) for adventurers. if these are allowed, there wont be any need for a player to use 2 accounts at the same time, unless they want to cheat.

8. How would you rate UWOPOLICE system that mutes spammers, provides name change service and billing counselling?

needs improvement

9. What is your thought on GA system which aims to help newbie players.

needs improvement.
GA can easily abuse power if they want. they should have a "GA character" separated from their game character. having speed boost and other advantages is unfair. maybe check the ARK program from the game Anarchy Online, its a really great volunteer help.

10. Anything you would like to comment to UWO.

the game is great in many ways, however, it needs improvements.

things that annoy me the most in the game:

- aides development is too difficult to understand and control. also, players should be able to get more than 4 aides. it is really disgusting having to kick a high level aide just to get a new one that came with an expansion. maybe making a way to transfer the experience and traits of an old aide to the new one somehow? having a high level character with gimp aides is annoying.

- making aide food is incredibly slow. i am now making aide food for a whole week for my character, i was only able to make 3 types so far and that's because my ship is fast and i got lots of skills that help. please make an NPC that sells ready-made aide food of all types, say, for 15,000-20,000 ducats each.

- 15 slots for trade goods in a ship is too few. this limit has hampered me many times, as i use collection and fishing skills; the limit of 15 is reached very fast, and then i am forced to throw away items i want, even though the ship has lots of cargo space left. i think 25-30 slots for trade goods would be enough.

- please make a system in the game that prevents a nation from dominating the whole world. maybe set a limit of allied ports they can take? right now France is dead in game. i believe all nations should keep some way of recovering. by the way, my character is not french, he is portuguese. im not being biased here.

- please make the real requirements for some quests more clear. i was completely unable to take some quests for a while, then after some of my skills improved, i suddenly became able to take it. yes i tried numerous times to take the said quests, about 100+ times, and i had the requirements for the quests, including the languages. my fame was also pretty high, and it was just an adventurer card quest. you shouldnt need 8,000 fame to get this quest, in my opinion. when i started playing in september 2010, i was able to take this quest very easily in about 2-3 tries, and my fame / skills were way lower.

- please increase the availability of Purchase Orders and Quest Mediation Permits in the game. the japanese version works based on the good availability of these items. having way less of these in the english version makes the game imbalanced, since some trades are impractical (eg, trading in south america, oceania). for example, i have noticed the quests in the english version of the game give only about 20% of the Purchase Orders, comparing to the japanese version; this is just really too few. also, this has inflated the Purchase orders prices on bazars.

- currently there is a way for a character to be crippled. for example, lets say a player sets sail, and then he needs to go afk, suddenly, because of a real life problem. then he comes back 2 hours later and sees his ship has no sailors, no food, no water, and he is very far from any city. maybe making a way for people in this situation to recover a bit faster would help. with the current settings, this player in the example would need many hours to get to a city and recover. example: make an item that teleports to a city. maybe set up limits so this item cannot be abused (cant used while in battle, cannot use consecutively, ...)

- please allow us to carry more recipes safely. my character is a cook, with 10 'my recipe' slots, and using all 16 binder slots, and i still cannot keep all recipes i need on the character. an alchemist character, for example, has almost all production skills, so how would he keep all the recipes? it's currently impossible. by "carrying safely", i mean carrying in a way that pirates cannot steal it. i guess having about 30-50 recipe slots would be enough. the current setting (16 slots from the binder + 10 my recipe slots) is surely not enough.

- for shipbuilder characters, maybe let them carry more ships in their inventory? 3 ships + current ship is really too few. maybe make it so that they can only equip 4 of them to use; the other ones are intended for selling. so there couldnt be abuse of any sort, i believe all they really want is to have their bazar full of ships. having 9 or more slots for ships would make this possible.

- please make new cooking recipes so people can use skills higher than 16 cooking. for now, the hardest food to make is poupelin tree. i would like to see recipes needing 17, 18, 19, 20 cooking.
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Re: Pesquisa UWO

Mensagem  Caminha em 24/4/2011, 16:13

achei uma outra pesquisa no forum oficial. essa ja existe desde setembro do ano passado, mas eu nunca vi haha!

ai vao as minhas respostas (tirei uma parte porque era igual a anterior).

1. What AGE range do you belong in ?

20 to 30

2. Which Country are you located?


3. Which LANGUAGE do you speak?

Portuguese, English

4. List ONLINE GAMES that you have played over the last 12 months (List at least 2)

Anarchy Online, UWO

5. How many HOURS do you spend for gaming per WEEK?

More than 40

6. Have you played the games below? (Check all that apply)


7. Have you played Uncharted Waters Online. If you did, which server?

Korea (o nosso servidor e da coreia? eu sei la)

8. How long did it take you to download and install the client?

1 to 3 hours (sei la eu nem lembro)

9. How did you like the features of Uncharted Waters Online?

overall - very good
game setting - fair
content - good
gameplay - fair
community - poor
battle - fair

other (please specify): shortcuts / toolbars must be available at all times and all buttons must be clickable at all times. current setting is very disgusting.

10. Which payment model do you think is most suitable for Uncharted Waters Online?

free to play - moderately disagree
monthly fee - strongly agree

11. Where do you usually play games at?

home PC

12. Please list three game information sites you visit the most. (List at least three) , ,

13. Leave your suggestions:

- shortcuts / toolbars must be available at all times and all buttons must be clickable at all times. current setting is very disgusting. it forces the players to close / reopen the toolbars many times, including during battle, which takes precious time and could lead to losing battles.

- the popup messages that appear after battle or after production, and in other parts of the game, interfere negatively with gameplay. messages like "production a success" and such makes the player unable to click the interface correctly and he is in practice unable to move for a few seconds in some situations. please remove these messages, or please make them not interfere with other elements of the UI.

- when the map changes at the sea, whatever the player was doing suddenly closes and needs to be reopened (eg: sending mail, adding people to friend list, checking supplies at the ship, among others). this is very disgusting especially in situations where timing is critical and / or during time-consuming tasks like sending company mail - you could lose a long mail just because the map has changed, and would have to write it all over again. please make it so that the interface is saved before entering a new map, and reloaded when the new map loads.

((nessa parte teria as mesmas sugestoes da outra pesquisa, mas pra que repetir, ta tudo no outro post ;D)

14. Leave your Netmarble ID and Email for possible rewards.

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Ajudante nível 3

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